About Us

"One of the greatest parts of childhood is having the chance to let your imagination run wild. Within every situation is an opportunity for a child to create a story of their own.

An empty cardboard box that the TV came in suddenly transforms into a fortress to hide in all day. The dirty mud in the backyard is actually the perfect ingredient for a delicious chocolate pie. And of course, a warm bath and some bubbles is the perfect setting for an underwater exploration – one that simply would not be complete without a beloved rubber duck.

Here, at Ducky City, it is my hope to share rubber duckies that will cater to the many interests of all children across the country. My ducks come in many different colors, styles, and sizes. From sporty ducks to make-believe fairy ducks, all of them are just waiting to be given an adventurous life by a talented young child.

If you, like myself, have found you never quite outgrew your love for rubber duckies, or if you simply feel nostalgic for the free spirited days of your childhood– don’t feel left out!

I have also provided a fun line of rubber ducks that will bring out the excitement in every adult as well! I also provide special offers for large quantity orders so your events will never go without a memorable party favor.

At Ducky City, I am committed to transforming the standard yellow duck into a unique representation of each ducky owner that will be treasured and held close to heart. Thanks for stopping by!" 



"Throw a Ducky and Create A Memory!" - Joyce , Founder of Ducky City