rubber duck gifts for valentines

Valentine's Day Gift DIY Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift DIY Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up! What better way to celebrate this holiday than a personalized gift! Add some "QUACKY-NESS" to this Valentine's Day with our rubber ducky DIY ideas!


Simple Valentine's Day Rubber Duck 

This is a great customized valentine that can be given in bulk for friends, classmates, or your children! Super Simple, super sweet!

Materials : 2" Pretty Rubber Duck, ribbons, and a hole punched heart message

Time: 3 minutes

1. Create a message and cut it into shape of a heart, then hole punch it on the corner

2. Put the ribbon through the hole and then tie it around the neck of the rubber ducky

3. Create a bow, then slide the message to the front! AND YOU ARE DONE!  


Choco Valentine

This valentine is perfect for your loved ones or friends. It is also a great decor for Valentine's Day!



Materials : 2" Pretty Rubber Duck, 3 chocolates, a bucket, a ribbon, a felt heart, and a message

Time: 10 Minutes

1. Tie the ribbon and message around the rubber ducky

2. Place the personalized rubber duck and chocolates in the bucket

3. Place the heart at the corner of the bucket! And YOU ARE DONE! 


Bubble Bath Valentine

This valentine is super romantic and luxurious, but also very simple! It is perfect for your girlfriend or wifey, or even as a bathroom decor!

Materials: a bucket, 2 2" Pretty Rubber Ducks, a few felt hearts, and bath bombs or soaps

Time: 3 minutes

1) Place 6-7 bath bombs to fill the bucket (If you don't have that many, use tissue paper or towel to fill the bottom! Then place the bath bombs on top)

2) Place the rubber duckies on the top and then a felt heart above that! SUPER CUTE


Hope these ideas are helpful! The pretty rubber ducks can be replaced with any ducks of your choice! Personalize your gifts to your liking and Good Luck!