Rubber Duck Race

Rubber Duck Race

Rubber Duck Race


Rubber Duck Race Regatta

The annual rubber duck regatta is a fun, family-friendly event guaranteed to be a quackin' good time! An estimated of 125,000 little rubber ducks are dropped into the river across the country each year for fundraising. The That’s why the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby has managed to become quite a hit, because not only is this a fun experience, but also a delightful one for people of all ages.


But why is the rubber duck regatta such a popular thing?

This happens because all the funds that are raised from the rubber duck race are supporting the training of no less than 21,500 different Special Olympics athletes as well as around 18,500 young athletes all over the state of Illinois. This is an incredible opportunity, because not only do all these rubber ducks in bulk can lead to some funny moments, but all the proceeds go to charity, so it’s a nice and fun event to have for sure!

In order to be a part of the 125,000 duck race on the Chicago River, you need to buy your ducks, and that’s how you will support the Special Olympics Illinois charity. A single duck costs around $5, a six-pack is $25, and the Flock of Ducks includes 24 ducks at roughly $100. The winner receives cash prizes on the spot or raffles to enter up to win $1 Million dollars or a brand new Honda Civic LX. The idea is to offer some help to the special athletes and young people, and being a part of this rubber duck regatta is one of the best opportunities in this regard.

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Should you be a part of the Rubber Duck Regatta?

Honestly, the race is extremely exciting, and in the end, you never know if you are going to win or not. But even if you don’t win, at the end of the day it’s all about having fun and helping a charity. Even if you can’t attend the particular event above, you can easily create your own rubber duck race in your local area and support any charity. 

The best thing about rubber duck regatta is that you are not limited to how many rubber ducks you can use in the race. That’s why a lot of people purchase rubber ducks in bulk because you have a much better chance of conquering the rubber duck regatta event.

One thing is certain, if you can enter a rubber duck race, it will be a fun and memorable experience. At Ducky City, we have supplied many rubber duck races across US and Canada. To help plan for your next rubber duck race event at your local area, send us an inquiry at today!


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